resources & personnel

  • Our strongest resource is our personnel. Staff members have backgrounds in journalism, public relations and computer technology.

  • Carol (Partridge) leads the NewsWatch team. She has worked as a reporter with the Ottawa Journal and Ottawa Citizen; Winnipeg Free Press; CJOB Radio Winnipeg; Past Chair of Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council; Former editor of Newspapers in the Classroom.

  • NewsWatch complies with all computer licensing and related business criteria.

  • A great deal of time and resources are invested in the latest technological upgrades and information technology. Darrell Getz of Excel Consulting is our computer software and hardware technician and consultant.

We would also provide upon request background information to a current issue, project or concern. Our databank holds information from 1990 to the present. We can access that information in minutes and provide a background report from any day, week, month or year. Here is recent example of stories related to the First Nations University of Canada.